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Not only are there ideological reasons seen on the surface, but do not discount the awesome appetite these fellows have for amassing money for money's sake. A few of the masterminds are supremely corrupt to a pathological extent. The author of this report was Kent Jeffreys.

While privacy laws keep the identities of stockholders hidden, especially if they are skilled in using holding companies they koch and co auburn trading hours to hold the stocks, there are a preponderance of coincidences which demands some theory about motivation. C -- May 26,Cato Institute [26]. In a confidential memo signed by the president of the Tobacco InstituteSamuel D.

Philip Morris made substantial financial contributions to Cato over the years, and usually until very recently, had an executive of the VP level sit on Cato's board of directors. There is no validity koch and co auburn trading hours the notion that consumers can properly evaluate proposed national policies when selecting officeholders but are. Milloy created the fraudulent front group The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition inextending the Whitecoats Project [9] of disinformation pioneered by big tobacco for decades.

His non-business activities include serving as chairman of the Institute for Humane Studiesthe Claude R. The report was crafted to deceive, the author makes the rounds of same-funded institutions and think tanks supported by the usual suspects foundations and ideologists. Views Read View source View history. My name is Dwight R.

In the hands-washing-each-other theory, Fumento from Monsanto -funded Hudson Institute needs to whitewash Dioxin that Monsanto produced, and Gough slips into his white labcoat and helps his buddy. Michael Gough co-authored a book with Steven J. This page was last edited on 11 Octoberat

Senior Reviewer was listed as S. Consulting economists have identified an opportunity to present earmarking arguments during the Southwest Social Science Association meeting in Fort Worth, TX, early next year. Now, searching the database for Richard Wagner it is discovered that there are documents with his name on 2 of the 50 databases on the website.