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Find more puzzles and solutions in our Destiny: Rise of Iron guide. But before you can kick off the Channeling the Corruption quest, you need to venture into the Wrath of the Machine raid and activate a series of five monitors in order to unlock the laser grid blocking off the final chest.

Only then can you begin the lengthy journey to ownership of Outbreak Prime. This guide page is dedicated to helping you find those monitors — no easy task. Rise of Iron ARG to locate it. This monitor is located in the second Archpriest Vosik arena and is accessible either before or after the battle.

Video timestamp — 1: Follow the jumping sequence to half way along while scanning the above you on the right hand side.

When you see a platform, jump off and follow the corridor to another room. From here, you can jump to some scaffolding above you, and then further up to some crossbeams on the q best of binary starters side, allowing you to reach a platform. You can walk along this platform a short distance to reach some pipes; jump onto them and walk along to find the second monitor in a room to the left at the end of the pipes. Face away from the path to the next area put your back to the lootthen move to the left edge of the wall.

Stand on either of the last two stone pillars at this edge of the wall to spot a hatch in the surface below.

Shoot to open it, then jump in. At the end of q best of binary starters short corridor you need to jump onto a pipe to penetrate further in, where the third monitor awaits.

Video timestamp — 2: Wrath of the machine: The video above explains this process from 2: Facing direction of travel there are two non-interactive monitors in this room — one on the left, and one on the right.

Two Guardians should wait in this room, one by each of the two non-interactive monitors, while four others press on to the canister room. The canister room is divided into four quadrants: One Guardian should stand at each quadrant. In each quadrant, there are multiple cylinders divided into numbered columns.

We can identify each cylinder both by its column, as numbered in the game world, and by row, which just means its position in relation to the centre of the room. These positions are shown in the map below. Once you have four Guardians in position as indicated for a few seconds, the two non-interactive monitors in the server farm will fire into life. At this stage, the four Guardians in the canister room should return to q best of binary starters walkways above their quadrants.

What the Guardians in the server room need to do is convert the binary number into a more familiar digit, and then call it out to the team. When the Guardian lands on the right q best of binary starters they will hear a sound effect to indicate it has worked, and the monitors will then display a new set of co-ordinates for Quadrant This process repeats through four quadrants. After you successfully enter all four co-ordinates and hear the confirmation sound effect, the pyramid in the centre of the canister room will open.

All six Guardians can now enter the pyramid, where someone q best of binary starters activate the fourth monitor, and everyone can open the Exotic raid chest. Continue on with the raid to reach the fifth monitor as described above, and claim your prize to begin the Channeling the Corruption Outbreak Prime Exotic quest.

How did anyone figure all this out? Get Outbreak prime in Destiny: Rise of Iron with our guide to finding that last monitor.

What causes Spikes and Transients? Very high voltages, both positive and negative, are generated whenever a magnetic field collapses around in inductor. That's the technical explanation. But what does it mean? Let's take engine starting as an example, although the same process happens with lots of other things on your boat. When you press the 'start' button to start the engine, what happens? First, the start button activates a 'solenoid'.

The 'solenoid' is an electrical relay that q best of binary starters safely handle the large amount of current needed to start the engine. It sends current rushing into the starter motor. The starter motor begins to spin the engine and causes it to spring to life.

But, we are not interested in the engine itself, but rather the starter and its solenoid. Because the starter motor must work hard to spin the engine, it requires a large amount of power from the battery. This builds up a very large magnetic field. When you let go of the starter switch, this magnetic field has to go somewhere. It collapses, and for a very brief instant it generates a terrifically high voltage q best of binary starters or spike.

It doesn't last too long but it sure can have a devastating affect on your equipment. In reality, because the connection that the solenoid makes is not 'perfect' but rather quite 'bouncy' a whole series of spikes are generated each time you start the engine. As the solenoid ages this spike generation problem becomes even worse! Is engine starting the only source of Spike and Transients? Spikes and transients can be generated by any sort of 'inductive' load.

Here are a few examples of things that we have found that generate spikes and transients: The intensity of the problem varies depending upon the type of device. What about Overvoltage; what causes it? There are several sources. First, your alternator is quite capable of generating significantly higher voltages than you might expect. If you were to suddenly disconnect the battery from your alternator its output voltage will skyrocket - reaching volts in most cases!

This is easy to do - just turn your master battery switch off. But don't try it! You will likely damage the alternator as well as your electronics.

This disastrously high voltage will be fed to your electronics and other electrical equipment. And, by the time you try to q best of binary starters the accident, the damage is done and irreversible. If the voltage regulator fails, it can also send the voltage skyrocketing. Most marine Solar Panels will generate 20 volts or more when the load is reduced. So, if the master battery switch is turned off, the panels cause the voltage to rise substantially.

The same goes with wind and tow generators except they usually put out even higher voltages, generally 50 to 75 volts with transients of perhaps volts or more! Battery chargers that are powered by shore power or by an onboard generator set can cook batteries and send voltages well above the safe limits for your electronic gear. How safe is it to plug into AC Shore Power?

This can be a real hazard to your electronic equipment! AC shore power is a well known source of 'surges'. The term 'surge' refers to spikes, transients and overvoltages that occur on AC systems. Usually these originate from lightning strikes on power poles, or from the operation nearby electrical equipment and motors.

They can enter your boat via your AC mains battery charger and affect your equipment in the same way that spikes and transients generated on your boat do. P will prevent damage from these surges! These devices q best of binary starters high voltage surges to Volts or more! They do not work very well on low voltage DC powered equipment.

P, on the other hand, works on low voltage DC systems. It stops spikes and transients that are as low as 18 volts! It if far more complex than normal AC mains 'Surge Suppressors' too! Why is 12 volt equipment more susceptible to spikes and transients than AC mains connected equipment? Still, we know that surges q best of binary starters a big problem for this q best of binary starters of equipment.

It has no 'conversion' process to 'filter' some of the problems out before they reach the electronic circuitry. What will it protect? Don't waste it by connecting light bulbs or other non-electronic equipment. STO-P's come in various power ratings. The most popular is the STO. P model which can handle up to 15 Amps of power. You can protect all of you electronic gear as long as they total power consumed is less that the rated power of the STO. P should I use? Take a close look at your Autopilot first.

Larger autopilots usually have separate electric or hydraulic rams or actuators. These are the big power consumers. Usually, the electronic portion of the autopilot is fed from a separate set of terminals. So, you can use the same STO. P that you use for the rest of your electronics. Just run a power line from the STO. P to the autopilot electronics. Keep the heavy power leads going to the drive unit.

These drive units are usually built with very high power and high voltage semiconductors that are relatively unaffected by spikes and transients. Can I install it myself? Refer to our 'Installation Notes' for more details. But, all you need to do is to install the STO. P in between your 12 or 24 volt power source and your electronics. Usually q best of binary starters is easily done at the power panel. Even if you are not very handy and 'all thumbs' when it comes to electrical work, you will be able to install one quickly.

Where should I install it? P can be located almost anywhere. It is best to keep it as close to the equipment as q best of binary starters. Usually, it is most convenient to locate it near the power distribution panel.

P can be placed at the battery, this is actually the least effective place! Locating it near the equipment is best. Can I add more electronics later? As long as you do not exceed the power rating of the STO. How many amps does my equipment use? Look in the instruction manual. Most q best of binary starters will show the power requirements in the 'specifications' section of their instruction manuals.

Look for something like: The 'mA' is the current consumption. Q best of binary starters a list of the 'current' requirements for each piece of equipment that you want to protect. Add all of these together and make sure that the sum does not exceed the power rating of the STO.

Note that manufacturers usually specify the 'worst case' or maximum power needed and often q best of binary starters equipment will use 10 or 20 percent less than indicated in the manufacturers specifications.

Incidently, equipment fuses are not a very good indicator of power consumption. Fuse values are often 2 or 3 times the actual current consumption. Remember, fuses are there only to prevent fires!

If you have an ammeter, you can use it to directly measure the power consumption of each piece of equipment. Typically, how much equipment can I expect to protect? For example, a STO. P - 15 15 Amp power rating was installed on a yacht. When we measured the total power consumption, it was 7. So, there was still plenty left for later additions.

How do I compare two files by content? Please follow these steps: How do I associate file types with programs? How do I search for specific files on my harddisk? How do I rename a lot of files? You can use the multi-rename tool like this: How do I synchronize two directories? Use the "Synchronize dirs" tool like this: How do I connect to an FTP server?

Follow these steps to use the built-in ftp client: How q best of binary starters I connect two machines through the parallel port? Just follow these steps: Tutorials - Advanced topics How do I Compare files by content? Associate file types with programs? Rename a lot of files? Connect to an FTP server Connect two machines through the parallel port? Place the cursor on a file of that specific type From the "Files" menu, choose "Associate With" If the desired program e.

Go to the directory in which you want to start your search From the "Commands" menu, choose "Search" Enter a file mask for the search. Select the files you want to rename, either with Insert, or the mouse, or with the Plus key on the numeric keypad From the "Files" menu, choose "Multi-Rename tool" Now you can use placeholders in square brackets to build your new name.

For example 306 means the name of the file without the extension306 means the first 5 characters of the file name, [C] means a counter, etc. With F1 Helpyou get a detailed list of all placeholders When you're satisfied with the results, click "Start!

This even works after closing and re-opening the q best of binary starters tool! Switch to the two directories which you want to compare, one in the left and one in the right window If you only want to synchronize certain subdirectories, q best of binary starters them now From the "Commands" menu, choose "Synchronize Dirs" Click on "Compare" Wait for q best of binary starters comparison to complete Files which are newer in the left window will have a green arrow pointing to the right, those which are newer in the right window a blue arrow pointing to the left.

Identical files will have an equal sign, different files with identical date an unequal sign. You can choose which files to show using the buttons in the "Show" box.

Singles are those which exist on only one side, duplicates exist on both To synchronize the two sides, click on the "Synchronize" button, then OK back to top Q: Get a parallel link cable. These are often sold as "Interlink" cable or "Direct cable connection" cable. Start Total Commander on both machines. You only need 1 licence if you are the only user. One machine will act as a server, and one as a client. You will be working on the client, while Total Commander cannot be used on the server during the connection.

Select 'Server' on one machine, and 'Client' on the other. If your computer has multiple parallel ports, Total Commander will ask for the port which you want to use. Choose the port to which the parallel cable is connected. The connection is now q best of binary starters. It works similar to an FTP connection, i. Furthermore, you can use 'synchronize dirs'. Close the connection on the client Disconnect and server Abort.