Sport and company trading group

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Profit long short total PVC M Y CU ZN RB WS WT C P Empirical studies sport and company trading group Chinese stock index futures market have verified effectiveness of this improvement on this trading strategy because of the higher liquidity and lower commissions.

But when transfer it to commodity futures market, since commissions in this market is relatively higher, about 5, net profits are not optimistic for many futures, at least in recent Chinese market. Also in research, we sport and company trading group that the number of previous transaction days we take and the percent of the value we use are related with the number of trading.

The shorter time and smaller value percent we use, the more trading we do. However, we should determine the parameter combinations we use taking commissions into consideration.

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The Logarithmic Scale uses scaling that allows for a large range of prices to be displayed without the compression of data seen on the linear scaling. The default setting is 2 bars, but can be configured anywhere between 1 and 25 bars.